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What are advantages of zirconia grinding ball


The zirconia balls looks like pearls with polishing and splendid surface after grinding. Because of this, someone will wrongly recognize it as the real pearls. Actually it is kind of perfect grinding media materials. Today zirconia balls are widely used as the grinding media in non-metal ore mining, painting, printing ink, medicine and other industry which finishing grinding is needed.

Zirconia is well known for its high hardness, high toughness, wear resistance, insulation resistance and other excellent properties, and has the thermal expansion coefficient closely to steel. It can maintain the high hardness and toughness even working in the high temperature of 600 Degree centigrade.

The zirconia balls are made with Yttria added as stabilizer, isostatic pressed and sintered in 1700 Degree centigrade. It comes with following advanced features:

i. Since the high hardness, the zirconia balls operate with very tiny wear loss. So, it’s will not pollute the grinded materials and work in loner service life.
ii. Due to its higher toughness, it’s able to work in the higher impact conditions even in the high temperature.

In conclusion, zirconia balls are very ideal grinding media thanks to good wear resistance, less wear loss, less energy consumption for equipment and higher grinding quality.