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High alumina balls for quartz sand milling


Finely milled quartz sand powder is kind of irreplaceable raw materials in producing of high-end ceramic tiles. The hardness of quartz sand is grade Mohs 7, which very hard to be finely milled by normal grinding abrasives. Usually high alumina grinding balls are used as the grinding media to produce such hard material.


Alumina balls are classified in different grades by its alumina content. Alumina of 92% or higher content is so called High alumina. It is the best grinding media to mill quartz sand because of its higher hardness of Mohs 9 and high density which enable minimum quantity of abrasives and maximum milling efficiency. The 92% alumina balls are the most cost effective with above good characters and acceptable cost as well.


One of the most important advantages is that, since the high hardness of high alumina balls, almost no wear loss is occurred with itself. Hence, the milled materials will be not polluted from the abrasives. This is very crucial for industry which highly request on particle size and purity.