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Lifetime of industrial ceramic liners


Industrial ceramic are well recognized as one of the best wear resistant materials for industry, are widely used in industry for equipment wear protection. So how long such ceramic liners can runs in different working conditions and equipment?


The own quality of ceramic is essentially affecting the lifetime, but the working condition factors are also very crucial such as friction mechanism, flow velocity and temperature as well. The wear goes with ceramic liners are always in the wear mechanisms of cutting, fatigue, corrosive abrasion and impact. Different wear problems are always happening caused by several wear mechanisms together instead of single factor working. In some cases one mechanism is playing a key role but more likely two or more mechanisms are associated. Usually the lifetime is going longer with smaller particles, softer solids, lower concentration, lower following speed, and littler impact angle. For example, 20mm thick ceramic liners installed in the pipelines of ore powders transportation, the solid particle is (420-450)m2/kg, 350g/nm3, flow speed (28-30)m/s, injection angle 30 Degrees, the life time will last for eight years. For other softer solids with lower hardness, the lifetime will be longer to 10 years.