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Corner is a wear resistant materials technology company with several factories located in South China. We have
focused on wear resistant materials research and innovation for nearly two decades, including advanced
ceramics, silicon carbides and cemented carbide as well.
Our mission is to quickly provide reliable anti-wear solutions with our advanced materials for our customers
and save downtime for plants. What we can do for you:


- Advise on application,
- Design on requests,
- Make on specifications,
- Guide on installation,
- Delivery on time.

work shop3.jpg

                                                                                Overview of the factory

3435535441_180736675 (4).jpg

                                                                             Spray and drying tower


                                                                                 Kiln for ceramic sinter


                                                                                 Workshop of lining

3435535441_ (4).jpg

                                                                              Workshop of vulcanization


                                                                             Workshop of lining pipes

3435535441_1807366755 (4).jpg

                                                             Warehouse of raw materials and products