Ceramic lining pipes

high alumina ceramic lining steel bend
high alumina ceramic lining steel bend
high alumina ceramic lining steel elbow
high alumina ceramic lined anti-wear pipe
Product Name : Ceramic lining pipes

High alumina tiles or rings are bonded onto the inner wall of steel pipes or bends. By this way, it largely improve the hardness of steel surface against wear and abrasion occurred by pneumatic materials transportation or slurry flow in industry. Generally, it's eight to ten times the life time of steel pipes or bends without lining.

Lining:                                   high Al2O3
Hardness of lining:                86 HRA
Steel:                                     seamless steel
Thickness:                             vary per application.
Flanges:                                made to requests.
Lining installation:                 adhesive or weld.
Working pressure:                 up to 1MPa
Working temperature:           -50~200C.
Transportation velocity:         20~35m/s

We will analyze your working conditions and offer the lining solutions properblely. The pipes and bends will be fabricated according to your specification or CAD drawings. To provided the products promptly and precisely, you are appreciated to forward following information to us:

- Materials transported and particle size

- Temperature and pressure in the pipes

- Flow velocity

- Material of existed pipes and lifespan.

- Expected lifespan by ceramic lining

- CAD drawing

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